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Aplicor's business model is built upon acquiring and retaining customers for long periods of time. Low customer churn and high customer share are primary business objectives for the company - and for each Account Executive.

Generally, veteran AE's perform their hunting during the day's most opportune hours and then immediately follow-up with farming existing customers. Farming opportunities include increasing user-counts, selling professional services or just enhancing and growing the customer relationship.

Aplicor is a global software publisher of easy-to-use and subscription-based sales, marketing and customer service, or collectively Customer Relationship Management or CRM, web-based solutions.

The Aplicor CRM product suite manages all customer facing processes and includes specialized software modules for Marketing Management, Sales Force Automation and Customer Support. Aplicor CRM improves marketing efforts, increases sales conversion rates, enhances customer service levels, improves customer retention and maximizes both customer share and lifetime value. The product acquisition, implementation timeframe and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) are all a fraction of the time and cost of comparable applications. The application suite provides sophisticated CRM functionality previously only available to larger organizations with deep IT resources and the financial means to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The company’s CRM applications are designed for mid-market organizations as well as divisions or departments of enterprise organizations who prefer to avoid high-dollar capital expenditures in favor of a pay-as-you-go subscription purchase that includes all IT, support staffing and equipment.

The Aplicor CRM software solution is designed from the ground up to use the Internet for online, real-time delivery, entirely customizable based on individual or group preferences and delivered at a price, implementation timeframe and usability level that truly meet mid-sized organizations user expectations, procurement requirements and business objectives.

The Aplicor founders had previously implemented host-based and client/server CRM and ERP systems for Fortune 1000 and mid-market organizations from approximately 1987 to 2000. Although these systems were well regarded by larger organizations, they were cost prohibitive to the SMB market. In fact, research illustrated that the SMB market has historically not made the transition from simple contact management systems to CRM applications. According to Aberdeen Group, “Less than 15 percent of the 5 million to 6 million US companies with fewer than 500 computer users have CRM software installed” and according to research firm Morgan Stanley, only 10 percent of companies with revenues under $500 million have acquired CRM software. Reasons for historically low CRM adoption by this market segment are largely price and resource (staffing) related. Acquisition barriers include the high up front capital expenditures as well as the recurring expense for additional IT staffing.


Aplicor aspired to deliver a true CRM system that would offer capabilities beyond the current environment of hosting applications and SMB contact management systems. The CRM application scope would include the three CRM integrated tentacles of Sales Force Automation (SFA), Marketing Management and Customer Service. More so, the application would need to provide those software functionality and automation elements available to the Fortune 1000 market, however, missing in the current environment of hosted applications and contact management systems. Such elements include the ability to accommodate both B2C and B2B account selling and support, support for various selling and support methodologies (e.g. Miller Hieman Solution Selling, Strategic Selling or Power-Based Selling), thorough Account Management, Lead Management, Activity Management, Opportunity Management, Competitor Management, Product Management with Quote and Order generation, Time & Task Management, Workflow and Business Rules processing, data warehousing with OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), direct integration with desktop applications (such as MS Outlook, Word, Excel), remote and offline utilization with Mobile and Wireless devices, global support and the ability to perform meaningful system customization by a non-technical user.

Over two years of research and development went in to producing a robust and functionality rich product not currently available among hosted CRM applications. The Aplicor CRM solution was first delivered as a complete, enterprise-level solution in July 2003 with the above referenced functionality and automation capabilities. The solution was further delivered with both utilization and technology extendibility in mind. For example, recognizing the synergies of enterprise-wide information systems as well as the efficiencies for consolidated and integrated business systems, the underlying Aplicor architecture actually began as a Portal foundation, not a CRM software component, which provides a strong basis for continued evolvement beyond standalone CRM systems.

The delivery and utilization model is key to Aplicor's client value proposition. Aplicor CRM is delivered without up front capital investment, long-term contract lock-in, complex software installations or other financial barriers. Recurring costs such as computer hardware and IT or support staffing are eliminated. The Aplicor CRM subscription-based delivery removes financial risk by licensing the software on a monthly pay-as-you-go rental basis, removes time-to-benefit risk by achieving a very short implementation timeframe (normally days or weeks as opposed to weeks or months) and operational risk by outsourcing the administration and maintenance to experts. The result is a trouble-free CRM information system which permits the customer to focus on their core business activities while achieving dramatically reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).




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